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 Copyright Trygvie Jensen Photography 2007
Fisherman Jake Ellefson lets one slip away
Dennis Hickey at the helm aboard his trap net boat
Hickey Brothers fish tug Southwester in a heavy sea.
Working a pound net in North Bay. Hickey Brothers crew
Captain Ted's fish tug Miss Judy moored at Hickey Brothers dock
Jake Ellefson setting back a gang of gill nets. Jeff Hagen at the wheel of the gill-net tug Jane
Jeff McDonald's gill-net tug C&R, leaving Jackson Harbor early in the morning.
Jake Ellefson's gill-net tug Miss Judy moored at the Ellefson dock in Jackson Harbor. 1998
Jeff Hickey at the lifter in the gill-net tug Southwester.
Commercial fisherman Dennis Hickey.
Charlie Henriksen coming into Sand Bay in his gill-net tug Mercury.
Jay Virlee picking whitefish from a gill net at the sorting table in the Southwester.
Jeff Hagen setting back a gang of gill nets out of the stern of the fish-tug Jane. July, 2003.
Rick Johnson coming into Sand Bay in his gill-net tug Freitag Brothers.
Commercial Fisherman Charlie Henriksen at the wheel in the Mercury
Dennis Hickey securing a line on a pound net
"Bagging" the pot portion of a pound net. Whitefish harvest in North Bay
Gill-net tug Jane in Jackson Harbor
Niel Teskie's gill-net tug Betty iced in her mooring at Sand Bay
Kenny Koyen's gill-net tug Seediver at Jackson Harbor
Harvesting whitefish from a pound net. North Bay.

Weborg's gill-net tug Ranger and Rick Johnson's tug Freitag Brothers at Rowleys Bay
Charlie Henrikksen wheeling in his gill-net tug Mercury coming into Sand Bay.
Commercial fisherman Kenny Koyen at Jackson Harbor
Jay Virlee left and Dennis Hickey manuever the boat into the pot of a pound net in North Bay.
Commercial fisherman Jake Ellefson working on a gill net.
 Gill-net tug Shelly once owned by Joe LeClair in Jacksonport. Moored at Manistique MI.
Hickey Brothers and crew in a trap-net boat in Baileys Harbor
Pound net set up in North Bay
Dennis Hickey in the Southwester
Jeff Hagen clearing whitefish from a gill net in the Jane.
Hickey Brothers gill-net tug Southwester in winter mooring at Baileys Harbor.
Kenny Koyen's gill-net tug leaving Jackson Harbor.
Jeff Hickey in the trap-net boat Leif in North Bay.
The gill-net tug Ida S. inbound to Algoma. Photo by Wendell Wilke
Jake Ellefson and Jeff McDonald cleaning whitefish
Gill-net tug Mercury moored at Sand Bay in Door County
Jeff Weborg's gill-net tug Ranger moored in Gills Rock at the Weborg Wharf.
Jeff McDonald's gill-net tug in her winter mooring at Detroit Harbor, Washington Island.
Seger's gill-net tugs Islander and M&R in the fog at Sheboygan
Gill-net tug LaFond breaking ice in Algoma. Wendell Wilke Collection
Walter Jorgenson & Jake Ellefson icing down the days catch of whitefish at their shed in Jackson Harbor, Washington Island, WI.
Dennis Hickey and crew member Jay Virlee harvesting whitefish from a pound net in North Bay, Door County, WI.
Hickey Brothers trap-net boat Sheepshead in Baileys Harbor, WI.
L to R: Jeff Hickey at lifter, Jay Virlee, and Dennis Hickey at the lifter table in the gill-net tug Southwester.
Mark Nelson and his gill-net tug J.B. Nelson inbound to Sheboygan steaming past the pierhead light. April 2008.
The gill-net tug C&R heading out of Jackson Harbor, Washington Island, WI. in the predawn with Skipper Jeff McDonald and longtime fisherman Jake Ellefson to harvest whitefish from Lake Michigan. October 2008.
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